My family and I had a wonderful time in Aspen staying at Dolomite. I would like to renew for that same period next year.

- Carolyn Temin

For the 3rd straight year you have had a tremendously uplifting impact on the Karpman's Xmas. What could possibly be missing?? We think your home is the perfect setting for the Christmas Karpman Family reunion. I don't think I've mentioned this but my kids refer to it as the "Snow House". My mom always told me don't wish your life away, but I do wish Christmast was almost here

Thanks for everything.

- Kenny Karpman

We had a marvelous time in Aspen in February and everyone , the whole family, enjoyed your home there. It's rare that the whole family agrees on ANYTHING, so that was monumental. As such we would like to pencil in the same week next year..

- Julie Bailey

Just wanted to report that we have settled in and everything is wonderful, as the last 2 years. And we love the new furniture.

Best regards,
- Katya Dow

Just wanted to say thankyou for providing us with your Aspen rental house in March.

We loved the house and the location is great. We even got some fresh snow during our stay. Hopefully your house will be available again for us to rent next year in March.

- Dennis Erickson

Aspen was wonderful and we enjoyed the fantastic location of Dolomite #10.

- Jennifer Press

Our stay at the Dolomite Town House was wonderful. The snow was perfect and we had sun every single day. Philippe's ski instructor was impressed. They loved the place, and we are planning to come back, maybe this Christmas.

Thank you again!

- Julie Bailey

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